365 Day Challenge

5/365 – Adele 360!

Dear Adele, 

Thank you for being ridiculously talented, beautiful, funny & full of profanities! 


This is only a quick post because I’m about to tuck myself into bed, but I wanted to get my post in for the 365 day challenge even if it’s only short!

Soooooo tonight I found myself working at Adele’s Brisbane concert. I must say I find the experiences I have so thrilling. I’m so thankful for the people who think of me to help out at exciting events such as this & so grateful to have the opportunities I have.

I was lucky enough to be able to watch some of Adele’s performance in the stunning 360 degrees stage. No wonder she is so damn popular. Aside from her AMAZING voice she is also hilarious & very “real”. In  normal life you meet people who tend to censor themselves and you can feel them putting walls up but Adele genuinely seems so open for her fans, even from the stage!

I’m currently laying in bed & thinking about how inspiring tonight was.
Just be your damn beautiful self!


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