365 Day Challenge

4/365 – Silent Running Up Mt Coot-tha

If you know me you know I love science fiction and retro-futurism. While looking for a special Brisbane¬†photo location I stumbled across some very cool photos of a building I’ve been to many times but never really appreciated until now.
silent-5Tropical Display Dome at Mount Coot-tha Botanical Gardens looks like something straight out of the movie Silent Running. If you haven’t seen Silent Running you really need to add it to your list of must watch movies! The story is written for a time where earth no longer has flaura & fauna – funny enough it’s set in 2001. We¬†follow an ecologist who is caring for a dome that is floating near Saturn. His main directive is to use the plants and animals he is caring for to inhabit a “new earth” when the ship arrives to its destination. When orders come from earth to destroy the ship and all of the life he has created the story starts to get pretty interesting!

We’re a few decades into the future & here in Brisbane a futuristic geometric glass dome stands. It was built in 1977, its 28m wide, 9m high an houses a wide range of tropical plants not local to this area.

If the dome itself wasn’t foreign enough it’s also set amongst some pretty alien looking plants and rocks that can easily make you feel like you’re on another planet!
Check out the photo below when the dome first opened – If that’s not science fiction material i don’t know what is!
silent-1While scouring the internet for photos of the dome I came across this one of a girl on a lily-pad… not really relevant but of course I HAD to include it!

While you’re at Mt Coot-tha you can also visit the Sir Thomas Planetarium – it’s a very cool experience & the building is an attraction in itself !


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