365 Day Challenge

3/365 -Dude Looks Like A Lady

So, Day Three…I’m currently nuded up (aka naked) in my lounge room wondering where this sudden burst of energy has come from since I’m running on about 6 hours sleep after the gig last night and work today.
On my way to work this morning I was listening to 97.3FM on the radio – Bianca, Terry & Bob were talking to the one and only Hugo Weaving. While listening the interview all I could imagine was Hugo sitting on his sofa in full drag sipping a cup of tea and of course that thought excited me! I know that sounds ridiculous given he has been a part of so many amazing films but Priscilla Queen Of The Desert is always a stand out for me! The music, the costumes & the attitude of the film definitely helped shape who I am today!
Growing up my mum had a few CDs that were on constant rotation in her car – one of which was The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack. To this day Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter is still my dream man – Sorry Luke! (Must be why i’m such a legs girl – ha!) I remember the first time I saw  a photo of Franky Baby at about 7 years old – I knew all the words to the songs but had no idea what the cast looked like, to say I was shocked was an understatement. I kept asking my mum about Franky & his fishnets, she was pretty nonchalant about it and seemed to get a kick out of my excitement. My sister & didn’t get to see the movie until we were 13 years old and life hasn’t been the same since & to be fair when we’re in particularly cheeky moods it’s almost like dealing with two frank-n-furters! 😀
I can’t help but giggle when I think about my real life taste in men. I’m almost 30 and my ideal combination, if we’re talking purely visual, is great legs, feminine & masculine qualities and someone who oooooooooooozes  confidence! I want to say this gorgeous transvestite rock star in lingerie & the gals in Priscilla have nothing to do with my taste but that would be lie!

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