365 Day Challenge

1/365 -A Challenge For You Or For Me?

I’m going to attempt the 365 day blog challenge starting today – The challenge may be more for you as my reader as opposed to me finding content! ha!

Today is February 28th, 2017 & aside from working my day job I’ve managed to fit in a work out & some study through edX. If you haven’t heard of edX it’s an online learning tool that provides courses from universities & colleges all over the world for free & often at your own pace. You can purchase a certificate at the end of course course for a small fee if you wish but you aren’t obliged. As someone who cracks under pressure pretty regularly I’m finding this way of learning particularly stress free. I’m currently working through the PennX (University of Pennsylvania) “Hollywood: History, Industry, Art” self paced 4 week course & finding it really interesting. It’s pushing me to think about certain subjects on a deeper level & I’m finding this stimulation really great & relatable to so many aspects of my life. I highly suggest it if you aren’t great with structured learning!

On another note I’ve recently started transitioning to a Paleo diet. Surprisingly it’s nothing at all like a diet I imagined The Flintstones to be eating!  I’m really interested in the anti-inflammatory aspects of the diet & want to help my body help itself. I’m fairly active but I 100% think I eat far too many grains & am addicted to them & sugar. For my own health, mental & physical, I’m wanting to get back to basics – tasty basics!
My first paleo dish was an excellent introduction & really surprised me. As a lucky woman who’s partner does all the cooking I don’t cook very often. BUT I honestly think it might be the first delicious meal I’ve EVER made AND IT’S GUILT FREE!!
The “Bowl of Doom” (not pictured above) as it is so lovingly referred to is ridiculously tasty & perfect for  any meal!! It’s packed full of protein & features sweet potato, mince, avocado, salsa & to top it off an egg! You can find the recipe for this tasty treat & so many more on the Vicariously Paleo website. I’m so grateful to have found this site & it has me excited to try so many more recipes!
I’m still learning more about the foods I can & can’t eat so this should be interesting! I’ll keep you posted on my progress over the next few weeks – send me luck!

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