Hard Rockin

2016: Another Year Of Sleepless Nights!

Its that time of year again folks – I’m looking back on how many gigs I’ve managed to attend throughout the year! Last year I did it out of curiosity & this year I just want to know how close I got to last year’s stats! – I’m short 13 gigs but to be fair a large portion of this year was spent trying not to go to gigs as I was saving for my trip to America, but somehow I still averaged one per week!
I saw so many incredible bands, especially at Psycho Las Vegas! Every band turned it up to eleven –  No wonder my eardrums hate me!  

So, Let’s get this ball rollin …. 


Wednesday 6th – Truckfighters
Saturday 16th – The Rared / Heavy Roller / Bitter Sweethearts / Dr Bombay
Friday 29th – TNNL CNTS / Heavy Roller
Saturday 30th – New Christs / Mick Medew / Some Jerks / Dr Bombay / The On & Ons


Friday 5th – Thrashwave – Deraign/Asylum & More
Saturday 6th – Ziggy Stardust by Electric Moon
Friday 12th – X & Heavy Roller
Wednesday 17th – Radio Moscow 
Thursday 25th – The Sword
Saturday 27th – Slim Jim Phantom & Glen Matlock


Thursday 3rd – Clutch
Sunday 6th – Hoodoo Gurus / Violent Femmes / Died Pretty / Sunnyboys
Sunday 13th – Redlands Rockabilly Revival
Tuesday 15th – Buckcherry


Saturday 9th – Smoke
Friday 15th – Wednesday 13
Friday 22nd – Heavy Roller / Fox Company
Saturday 23rd – Bad Mongo
Monday 25th – Black Sabbath
Friday 29th – Dallas Crane / The Sidgit 


Saturday 1st – Supersuckers
Sunday 2nd – Cherry Rock 
Wednesday 3rd – Iron Maiden 
Thursday 26th – Angelus Apatrida


Saturday 4th – Radio Birman
Saturday 11th – Bones Bones Bones
Saturday 18th – Tribulation


Saturday 16th – Heavy Roller / F1-Elevens


Friday 5th – Greazefest
Saturday 6th – Greazefest
Sunday 7th – Greazefest
Thursday 25th – Sin City Sinners with Frank Dimino
Thursday 25th – Psycho Las Vegas
Friday 26th – Psycho Las Vegas
Saturday 27th – Psycho Las Vegas
Sunday 28th – Psycho Las Vegas
Thursday 30th – Ultimate Jam Night – Pink Floyd Edition


Sunday 18th – Tim Finn
Wednesday 28th – Joe Bonamassa


Friday 14th – Heavy Roller / The Rared
Saturday 15th – Loripalooza
Friday 38th – Hobo Magic


Friday 24th – Heavy Roller
Friday 24th – Angry Anderson Band


Saturday 3rd – Bitter Sweethearts / Heavy Roller / The Rared
Wednesday 7th – Katatonia
Thurday 8th – Baroness
Saturday 10th – Garethstock V
Friday 16th – Sacred Shrines / Dreamtime
Saturday 17th – End Of Year Rockabilly Party
Wednesday 21st – Matilda the Musical (i’m classing this as a gig! 😛 )
Friday 23rd – Hobo Magic

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