Hard Rockin

DAD Lust And Latex Leggings

Before you get all creeped out  I’m actually referring to the Danish rock band Disneyland After Dark *D-A-D* and their bass player Stig Pedersen in particular! Much like my other posts this one focuses particularly on outfits…..or lack there of ! Oooh la laaaa you’re in for a treat! In my eyes Stig is easily one of the best UNdressed men in rock – on & off the stage!

If you’re unfamiliar with D-A-D I would describe them as a Danish mix of classic hard rock meets hair metal swagger…but seriously good looking! They’ve been rockin’ since 1982 & show no signs of slowing down! Their most recent release is now 5 years old  & it absolutely kicks ass! If you can get your hands on DIC·NII·LAN·DAFT·ERD·ARK I promise it’s a wise investment in your record collectionI’m itching for them to release something new & if by some miracle they were to come to Australia it would be this girl’s wet dream come true.

So, onto the important stuff……those damn glorious outfits! 





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