Hard Rockin

Red Dirt Riffage – Australian Rock

I received the most recent copy of the music magazine Iron Fist in the mail on Friday and much to my surprise the Australian band Buffalo were mentioned. I have to admit I was very excited because I didn’t expect to see them at all, this magazine continues to impress me with it’s variety ! I’ve seen the latest incarnation of Buffalo live and they still kick ass 40 years on! I’m a big fan of Australian rock from the 70s & 80s and have quite a few friends who lived through the scene. I hear some really cool stories and so wish I had a time machine to go back and see some of my favourite bands in their prime!

In the magazine interview the statement is made that “The 70s Australian scene is so fucking unknown outside the country” – I couldn’t agree more, and to be honest as time goes on & dance music takes over the radio & TV it’s almost unknown in THIS COUNTRY! That period of time gave birth to what I feel is Australia’s sound – real bands with Australian attitude & a bit of red dirt under their nails! Sure they were inspired by international bands but the fact is we’ve got this amazing back catalogue of kick ass bands who were mostly isolated from the rest of the world before the internet came along and now have an almost cult status worldwide. I’m not sure if this isolation contributed to the creativity that thrived in Australia’s rock scene through that period or what ‘could have been’ but I know its hard, it’s heavy and the riffage keeps this fan girl’s blood pumping decades on!

So to really get you salivating you really can’t go wrong with the following Australian bands of the 70s & 80s who aren’t the “usual suspects”!

Radio Birdman / The Angels / Stevie Wright  / The New Christs / Hitmen / Died Pretty
The Screaming Tribesmen / Lime Spiders / Hoodoo Gurus / The Celibate Rifles
Psychotic Turnbuckles / Trilobites / The Stems / The Scientists / Sunnyboys
Beasts of Bourbon / The Eastern Dark / The Poor / Kings of The Sun / Candy Harlots
The Hard-Ons

On my most recent trip to the USA I was proud but somewhat shocked at the amount of AC/DC, Rose Tattoo & INXS that I came across. While they are of course killer bands, the fact is we had & have so soooo much more to offer. It leaves me wondering why our current hard rock bands aren’t getting the local or worldwide airplay they deserve when they’ve got the  attitude & riffs to boot! This past week the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) music awards were held and to be totally honest I found myself swearing at the TV in the most crude of ways. I like to be pretty open minded and I dig music from most genres but to put it lightly it was “a fuckin joke”.
I know nostalgia plays a big part in how the music industry makes money these days but rather than investing in cover bands & re-issues of the same old songs wouldn’t it be better to fuel the fire for shit hot Australian bands that are currently in an up-hill battle to wave the Oz Rock flag?! It blows my mind to think that in 20 years people will be sourcing the ‘old school sounds’ of Flume and Rufus…. surely not?

Anywho, now I’m getting off topic & annoyed so I’m gonna post some pictures & links of the bands that light my fire…immerse yourself!




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