Hard Rockin

Ack! The Stellar Style Of Space Ace!

Ok, ok – He might be known as one of the biggest assholes in rock but there is no denying that Ace Frehley‘s super cool image & killer playing will outlast time (and space) as we know it!

The Space Man’s combination of rock and intergalactic wonder is without a doubt one of the coolest mash ups known to man! His outfits are some of the shiniest in rock and easily a first choice when costume options are being thrown around this house. There have even been fights over who gets to be Ace. A few Halloweens ago my sister, who is a HUGE KISS fan, was organising a group costume for us all. She of course picked Paul as she has a huge star-shaped-boner for him & her partner picked Gene (because they’re a couple too right?) ! BUT my partner decided his need to be Ace overthrew mine (to be fair he actually plays guitar) which meant the only option left for me was The Catman …needless to say no group KISS costumes were happening that year!

I love rock n roll stage wear; especially when it’s tight! As my good friend Kylie once said to me “Tight is right” and well… I haven’t looked back! I often sit around thinking about the evolution of  band’s stage costumes; the visual style of rock n roll is so important & inspiring! Ace may no longer be part of “the hottest band in the world” but his style continues to inspire creatives worldwide. Through the wonders of the internet it’s easy to find amazing artwork inspired by the spaceman, so here are a few of my favourites!


Of course you can’t go past the classic solo album artwork by Eraldo Carugati! Not only is this the best cover of all the KISS solo albums, it’s also the best solo album hands down!

The amazingly talented Juan Montoya aka Montoya Black Magic is a huge KISS fan, killer guitarist & amazing visual artist! Ace is a true inspiration on his life & you can see just how much he loves him through so many of his amazing illustrations. Juan’s special style stands out from the crowd..just like Ace!



I can’t talk about Ace artwork without mentioning this amazing piece by Michelle Fusco – it’s absolutely epic! Not to mention she made Ace’s butt look great! 😛


The below illustration by Chris Hoffman takes the cake for me. The colours he has used & the different styles adopted for each image of Ace are so wild. The finish makes me feel like this image could go on & on, just like space….


Finally i’ll leave you with some crazy pictures of ace’s more unusual outfits over the years, including a photo that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination!





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