Cat Scratch Fever - Ozzy's Album Of The Week

Cat Scratch Fever – J Geils Band

Ozzy’s Record Pick Of The Week
J Geils Band – Freeze Frame

It’s that time again!! Ozzy *The Wonder Cat* gets to pick an album. Tonight I held him up and his tiny little paw grabbed onto a fun one – J Geils Band‘s 1981 release “Freeze Frame”. We’ve got quite a few JGB albums in the collection but this is one we don’t listen to regularly so I had to put it on to get a good feel of what was going on.

I’m a huge fan of the album “Ladies Invited” and can easily listen to it on repeat for weeks at a time – I know this because I’ve done it! JGB are such a cool band with a smooth vibe & great fashion sense – Peter Wolf is easily one of the ultimate front men in rock n roll! This is a band who love old school rock n roll & sexy lyrics but tonight I found out this album is COMPLETELY different to what i’m used to! Freeze Frame is a weird collection of pop songs with great hooks, a few slow jams & crazy synth sounds throughout.

If I didn’t already love J Geils Band I’d be dubious after looking at this album cover – that weird potato head things is a total turn off & might just haunt my dreams BUT this album contains a few songs you will no doubt know & love! For anyone who has ever been to a school dance it features the all time “fingerbang classic” Centrefold which is one of those songs that every teenager knows but has no idea who the band is! The kinda song that gives you the guts to dance like no one is watching! The same goes for the title track Freeze Frame – a total classic which explains why the album was at Number One on the billboard charts in 1982. The band’s only number one album!

Released on October 26th, 1981 this album features Peter Wolf on vocals, J Geils on guitar, Seth Justman on keyboard, Danny Klein on bass, Magic Dick on harmonica/saxophone and Stephen Bladd on drums/ percussion.

I’m not gonna say this is my new favourite JGB album because Ladies Invited is really hard to beat but it definitely has songs everyone will enjoy & some wacky elements that make it fun!
Thanks for Pickin’ it Ozzy!

Track Listing: 
Freeze Frame / Rage In The Cage / Centerfold / Do You Remember When?
Insane, Insane Again / Flamethrower / River Blindness
Angel In Blue / Piss On The Wall


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