My Finn-tastic Sunday Night!

Last night my dude & I made the trek up to The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers to see one of my favourite musicians; the ‘silver fox’ all silver foxes aspire to be- Mr Tim Finn! Despite the absolute downpour of rain (which to be honest was kind of fun to stand in) it was completely worth the 3 hour round trip!

It has been 7 years since I last saw Tim perform at The Zoo in Brisbane and at the age of 64 he shows no signs of slowing down! Over the course of an hour and 15 minutes we were treated to a plethora of Split Enz, Crowded House & solo hits. The rain held off for most of the set until Tim mentioned our luck which of course jinxed us all – as he introduced Six Months In A Leaky Boat the heavens opened & the rain came crashing down! Normally when rain comes down at an outdoor gig you’d expect the crowd to scamper for shelter but we were all having so much fun that we were staying put – rain, hail or (moon)shine! We were on a bit of a “watery theme” so of course the next song to play was Shark Attack.  If you’ve ever seen Split Enz perform this song you’ll know that lots of dancing ensues on stage and without a doubt Tim proved he still has the moves!! Although the stage was mostly covered the very front of the stage was exposed to the elements; so what does any 64 yr old rocker do? He comes out and dances in it of course! Although he very nearly electrocuted himself it was so awesome to have him come out & get wet with  us and judging by the smile on his face I think he loved it more than the rest of us!

The entire gig was so fun and it was especially lovely to see Tim perform with his son Harper. Their rendition of Stuff and Nonsense was simply beautiful – another amazingly talented Finn to add to the music history pages!

If you can’t tell from my gushing review I am a big Tim Finn fan. Split Enz have had a huge impact on me since my teens & they continue to influence me artistically today. When i was 20 I went to New Zealand to see them play & I’ve designed clothing with Split Enz costume’s as the influence.  As i drove home last night I was grinning so wide it hurt my face and I kept thinking how lucky I feel to live at the same time as so many talented and inspiring artists that I have the opportunity to see.
I can only hope I don’t have to wait another 7 years to see Tim play!


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