Hard Rockin

If You Don’t Go Down On Me…

There is this strange thing that happens where I start to obsess over a band where suddenly news comes out! Perhaps it’s just that I’m more tuned in on them … Anyway it has happened again – I’ve been really diggin’ on The Sweet lately and as weird space timing would have it rock n roll’s lady of leather Suzi Quatro has just announced a 2017 Oz tour with her new band consisting of The Sweet’s guitarist Andy Scott and Slade drummer Don Powell – What a combo!

Ballroom Blitz is of course the song we all associate with The Sweet because a school dance just isn’t the same without it! They have so many amazing songs and one in particular has really grabbed my attention lately for all the right (and seedy) reasons!  Those of you who know me through gigs, online & random meetings would know that more often than not I come across as some kind of “overly sexual old dude loving dork who loves to swear”. To be fair this description is pretty accurate and to be honest it takes a lot to make me blush. I love everything “inappropriate” BUT the unthinkable has happened and I’ve found a song that gets those cheeks rosey pink. It’s straight outta 1974, a b-side from the ‘Desolation Boulevard’ album – Someone Else Will! Wrap your lips around this one… yep, i had to use that term! 😛

Aside from their fancy tunes The Sweet also had some pretty fancy duds over the years which if you know my taste is a very important factor!  They ALMOST give Dave Hill a run for his money – almost! They wore so soooo much satin, the tightest pants you’ve ever seen men squeeze into and possibly the dorkiest haircuts known to man! I mean, what more could you want from a rock band?!

So now that I’ve shared that song, rambled and thought about old dude’s in super tight jeans my job here is done! For today anyway!



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