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Cat Scratch Fever: Jo Jo Gunne

Ozzy’s Record Pick Of The Week
Jo Jo Gunne (1972)

We’re working our way back through the treasure trove of records we have collected & hoarded for over a decade & decided we really should let their “rightful owner” choose a few records to listen to. Tonight I held Ozzy (the wonder cat) up to the shelves & he picked out this gem!  …Muscle cars and long haired dudes in denim – this kitty knows my  taste!
jo jo gunneReleased in 1972 this self titled hard rock gem features:
Jay Ferguson on keyboards & vocals (Also of Spirit)
Matthew Andes on guitar & vocals (Also of Spirit)
Mark Andes on bass & vocals (Also of Spirit, Heart & Canned Heat)
Curley Smith on drums & vocals (Also of Boston)

Although named after the Chuck Berry song “Jo Jo Gunne” these guys are a far cry from 50s rock n roll! They’re more of a slow groove with hard & heavy moments -‘Stoner Rock’ before the term existed! And check out that album cover. It folds DOWN to show the extra length on the car bonnet! These guys are seriously rockin dudes! 🙂

Jo Jo Gunne originated in Los Angeles & only lasted a short time from 1971 to 1975 & lost commercial success after the release of their arguably “tasteless” album cover for “Jumpin The Gunne” in 1974 which features a particularly overweight woman in the nude (c’mon she’s wearing shoes) & the four boys in bed together…. Of course I LOVE IT! In 2005 the band briefly reunited to record new tracks & re-record a few old hits that became their “Big Chain” release.


The band had a pretty darn successful run of shows in their time playing with (now) hard rock heavy weights Blue Oyster Cult, Captain Beyond, Alice Cooper, Marshall Tucker Band, Robin Trower, Quicksilver Messenger Service & The Edgar Winter Group to name a few!

Check out some pictures of the guys – seriously cool rock dudes who are definitely standing the test of time!

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