10,585 Days & Still No Clue!

So as of Tuesday I officially turned 29 which means I’m now in my 30th year! dum dum dummmmmmmmm *feel that suspense*!  To be totally honest I’ve been a little uninspired over the past month, and although I consciously & subconsciously lookout for inspiration daily I haven’t been paying attention like I usually would. So given this quandary I’ve started self reflecting & soul searching and I’m really feeling the urge to write a new post but i’m still lost for an idea… so I’m just going to start writing & we’ll see what happens.

The last year has been a real eye opener for me, I’ve learnt a lot about myself & other people. Sure, life gets a little confusing at times but generally I’m feeling more myself than ever and I’ve gotta say music & exercise have a lot to do with this.  I’ve made so many new friends & realised so many amazing & positive aspects of my relationships, my work & the city I live in through the music I listen to, the gigs I go to & the huge amounts of creativity that weave through this city. Brisbane is such an easy going place, it’s filled with so many interesting people and for a city that is supposedly on the verge of an almost imploding nightlife; live music is still flowing from the city to the suburbs & all the way to the beaches; north & south!

I like to think of birthdays as our own personal “new year” and i do feel a sense of renewal coming into my new year. Birthdays are a special time for me as I share the day with quite a few excellent friends, and of course I share it with my twin sister. When i was younger I always wished i could have the day to myself but not anymore- i love sharing it with my fellow August 2nd lions & lionesses! The funny thing is all of these friend are musically inclined, so it got me wondering what other creatives we share our birthday with…

Wes Craven
No introduction is required for this heavy weight of the horror world! I’m stoked to share a birthday with the person responsible for A Nightmare On Elm Street! So awesome!
wes craven

Edward Furlong
Growing up with Terminator and Detroit Rock City being two of my fave movies this also excited me greatly!
Fela Kuti

I’m a big fan of Fela’s music (and his son Seun‘s). Fela was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer, pioneer of the afrobeat music genre & human rights activist. Fela created his own government within his home compound & once married 27 women in the same ceremony!

Betty Brosmer
This blonde bombshell has curves in all the right places! Betty is a pioneer in pin-up modelling & women’s fitness.

Joe Lynn Turner
Ok, ok, so i know hair is important to Leos – mine is down to my waist…. BUT seriously? I can’t tell if his hair is real or not. If it is I need to know what kind of shampoo he uses! It’s Luscious alright! Joe is best known for his work with Rainbow & Deep Purple & recently released this fancy clip with his band Sunstorm.

Steve Hillage
Prog rock meets Leo craziness! Steve is best known for his work with Gong & The Orb. Another leo with lion’s mane – look at those glorious locks!

Kevin Smith
No intro needed…!
kevin smith

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