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SuperYob Styling: The Many Outfits of Dave Hill

Get Down And Get With It!

In a typical year I go in and out of “Slade Fever” about 3 times. This fever tends to last around 4 to 6 weeks and consists of me listening to Slade all day every day; in the car, at work and at home – I feel it in my waters that the fever is about to set in again.
Of course I love Slade’s music; so soooooo many great songs, but what I love above all is the legendary Dave Hill’s outrageous looks!
SLADE - 1973
The classic 70s Slade line-up consists of iconic front man Noddy Holder who is easily one of the best rock singers of all time, Don Powell on drums, Jim Lea on bass guitar and of course lead guitarist Dave Hill! If you don’t know Slade by their name you’d know their iconic hit “Cum On Feel The Noize” (famously covered by Quiet Riot) or the classic Christmas hit “Merry Xmas Everybody“!

You could believe by looking at Slade that they’re kind of band who have someone dressing them but these dudes really have their own style! I’ve watched a lot of interviews with the band and they would often recall that each night Dave would surprise his band mates with new outrageous looks! They’d wait patiently for him to explode from his dressing room / toilet stall in a flash of glitter and/or technicolor; always wanting to surprise! Dave even broke his ankle on stage in some gravity defying boots but played on for the sake of rock n roll!
Before I knew who Slade were I knew Dave’s hairstyle & outfits well!
Without further ado – check these getups out!

Fun Fact: Dave’s SuperYob guitar was built by John Birch and now belongs to Marco Pirroni of Adam & The Ants – Another of my favourite bands!


There are so many fantastic images I could use but i won’t go crazy – my next month will be filled with Slade due to my “fever” that is setting in so i’ll just bombard my facebook page with posts! But my final words are: All Hail Dave Hill! 😛



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