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Vinyl Vixens: Adoration of Anatomy In Rock n Roll

At a young age I was introduced to Norman Lindsay‘s work by my Grandmother Francis and her eccentric art-loving (and man-loving) sister Julie. They always made a point that ALL women are beautiful, especially Lindsay’s powerful & sultry sirens. With the encouragement of art loving family I have loved spending hours looking at fine art, especially nudes and erotic art. So, naturally when music started to take over my life in my teens I would spend hours looking at album covers…

One aspect of Rock n Roll that draws most people in is SEX APPEAL and there is no doubt that in rock n roll the women are beautiful and the men are often more beautiful! If you haven’t figured it out yet I take great pleasure in beautiful people, beautiful art & beautiful music so when it all comes together I get hooked! Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful & I love when album artwork adores women the way I feel they should be. So, where am I going with this? Well, I’m going to share some of my favourite lady loving album covers! Let’s start with some of the sexiest album covers that come to my mind!

LA Guns: Cocked & Loaded – This is an amazing album supported by an even more amazing cover created by Maxine Miller. I can’t praise this artwork enough, although I’m sure it can be seen as sexist, I am absolutely in love with the sexy and carefree attitude the stunning blonde straddling the gun portrays! She owns my heart!
Kiss: Love Gun – If you love rock you no doubt own this album, the ladies adorning this cover need no explanation! Artwork by the amazing Ken Kelly.
Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be  – I’ve added this one to the list purely because it features Coop Devil Girls which I LOVE! Coop’s ladies are everything I wish i was plus a little bit more!

Baroness: The Blue Album – What impresses me most about all of Baroness’ albums is that singer John Dyer Baizley is the artist! His women are so curvaceous & powerful. There is so much detail in his creations that you can stare at the cover for hours, which is a rarity for album art nowadays. There’s nothing better than kickin’ back listening to a record while investigating the cover.
Monster Magnet: Dopes to Infinity – There is no denying Dave Wyndorf & the Monster Magnet dudes love science fiction – therefore its only natural that their art reflects this too. The artwork you see (minus the bull god) is an illustration by the science fiction artist Dean Ellis who is responsible for so many amazing book covers through the 60s and 70s.
Golden Earring: Moontan – Who doesn’t love a showgirl?! Well, Apparently the USA don’t! This artwork was re-released with a rather boring literal image of a gold earring in an ear…what a downer! If only the #freethenipple hashtag existed back then! This Album features the hit “Radar Love‘ –  an absolute classic!!

The Damned: Grave DisorderVince Ray‘s ladies are just so darn sassy! this particular album cover screams “deadly dame” and I love it!
Ozzy Osbourne: Ultimate SinBoris Vallejo is easily one of the kings of beautiful powerful women and this album cover is no exception. What a woman!
Whitesnake: Love Hunter – What’s not to love about this album cover?! Although controversial at the time of it’s release in 1979 this artwork has without a doubt stood the test of time, it’s a shocker & a pleaser! This beauty was created by Chris Achilleos who is best known for his science fiction artwork & the Heavy Metal movie.

If wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t add a few wacky album covers in this post. So here are a few that I get a kick out of!

Buffalo: Only Want You For Your Body – This album cover is freaky & fabulous! If you don’t know who Australian rockers Buffalo are you need to listen to them now. Their album “Volcanic Rock” is one of my favourites but you just can’t beat this album cover from 1974! I don’t like using the term “under-rated” but this is one truly under-rated Australian band.
Scorpions: Lovedrive – This cover from 1979 speaks for itself really! Scorpions have a lot of great album covers but this one is my favourite. If you’ve ever seen the original cover for “Virgin Killer” it’s a little disturbing to say the least.
Autograph: That’s The Stuff – Who doesn’t love hot robot babes? These gals make the term heavy metal literal! Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama knows exactly what robot babes should be and has created them for Aerosmith, Penthouse & Heavy Metal Magazine to name a few.

I can’t talk about the beautiful women of album covers without mentioning “cheesecake” album art. Throughout my life I’ve come across these album in my grandparent’s friend’s record collections and always associated them with classical and jazz music. They were always a little cheeky but somehow classy. Back when I worked in a record store I had a strange but endearing  customer who would place special orders for these albums on CD – Herb Alpert’s “Whipped Cream & Other Delights” was one of his favourites!

I’m going to end this post with Roxy Music, their album covers are absolutely stunning. Each cover tells a story on it’s own regardless of the amazing tunes held inside. Somehow, regardless of the amount of clothing the models are wearing they all have so much class.


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