Some Circles Are Meant To Be Broken

As a woman in my late 20s, living with 3 men aged between 30 & 50 it’s only natural that we play childish games, right?
Well”the circle game” as it is most commonly referred to, is a game I played in primary school, and until recently had forgotten all about. My 30yr old cousin recently came to live with us and somehow we’ve reverted back to about 12 years old – we’ve been playing the circle game all day, every day, and we’ve been playing it HARD!
My left hand (now referred to as my circle hand) has the deep scratch wounds to prove it!! So, with my newly inflicted wounds I’ve naturally built up quite a reflex to hands being anywhere in my vision – I’ve been doing A LOT of side glancing!

Ok, so this is where music now comes into it… lately, I’ve been listening to Purson on repeat & vocalist Rosalie is unintentionally “owning me” in the circle game every time I look at the artwork…not once, but THREE times!
I will say I’m willing to forgive Purson because they’re just such a great band. If you haven’t listened to them your life will be better for it!
Needless to say; our house is filled with records & the collection is only getting bigger & better. This makes me laugh at the same time as it chips away a little bit at my soul because it got me thinking; what other bands are winning in the circle game stakes purely through their artwork & how long til they “get me”?
Soooooo I went searching through our collection as well as online & here are a few beauties!
Kix-Kix-1981-Front-Cover-69999  free-for-all
hendrix   J-Cole-Hand-Sign-Born-Sinner-Illuminati-Satanic-Symbolism-e1371541503969
2a1f482bcde95f66af3dbbcfec72d6c8  got7
And just when you thought they couldn’t get any better here are a few DOUBLE circle gamers! 😛
Kylesa-Static-Tensions-545x560  180ec864a554a1ebdc8cd21979b5a4c8.1000x1000x1
Would this one technically be classed as a double whammy?!
And then there is this guy.. i knew he was my least favourite Beatle for a reason…fuckin’ Paul….look at his smug face…

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