Hard Rockin

Extraterrestrial Inspriration

Because this is more of a personal blog where I blab on about the things I really dig I might as well blab on about my current project Flaming Telepath Guitar Straps!

To say my partner & I are fans of Blue Oyster Cult is an understatement…WE LOVE B.O.C! And when you love something so much it definitely inspires multiple aspects of your life. Thus, when we started making guitar straps as a hobby we decided to name ourselves & our strap designs after Blue Oyster Cult songs to pay homage to our favourite rock n roll soldiers!
If you’re in the market for some seriously cool guitar straps (yes, I’m biased) then look no further. We’ve put so much love and care into each one of these straps because we want you to love them as much as we do! Click here to see our designs!

We saw Blue Oyster Cult for the first time on a trip to the USA last year – we took a HUGE detour from LA to New Jersey just to see them and the setting was perfect for a BOC! The gig was at the Scottish Rite theatre in Collingwood, it’s seemingly a masonic hall. What is more perfect than watching BOC surrounded by creepy masonic symbolism?!

We are also lucky enough to be seeing these legends again at Psycho Las Vegas in August (Dreams really do come true)!  If you haven’t seen the lineup for PsychoLV – Check It Out here and get your tickets because it’s going to be absolutely insane!!!

Before I go…enjoy this one 🙂 They really are the coolest cats around!


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