Hard Rockin · Hard Rockin Hair Daze

Hard Rockin Hair Daze: Episode 4

The Long, Short & Height Of It – Heavy Metal Hair!

If we haven’t met you should probably know that hair is my thang! Just like the Johnny Cash song “You’re My Baby“; it’s  long and black, hanging down the middle of my back! So no wonder rock & roll called me to it’s ranks!
As I’m sure you’ve already figured out this episode is about that glorious beast that adds ohhhhh so much personality to each & every one of us. Whether you’re rockin the “Can I Speak To The Manager?” haircut or you’ve let it go wild & crazy we can all relate to how important our glorious locks are!

Over the past decade my hair has pretty much been influenced by dudes of the sunset strip, I’ve layered it, bleached it, curled it, straightened it, crimped it (that’s my favourite) and there was also “The fringe incident” but lets just leave that monstrosity out of this. Needless to say these guys took risks and some of them paid off!

Now, there were ALOT of men & women who really owned their looks. I don’t want to make this post too long so I’m only gonna discuss a few of my favourites. If there are any you think I really need to see I’d LOVE for you to send them to me!
So let’s take a little adventure through time…

One man who instantly comes to mind is of course C.C. Deville of Poison, this guy loved his hair, height & colour! How his hair hasn’t completely fallen out is beyond me because he is still highlighting & teasing to this day! Without a doubt he’d have to have lost a few brain cells; if not through the lifestyle then definitely through hairspray consumption!

Our next contenders for brain damage through excess hairspray are Nitro -the whole band have got a good tease going on! These guys seem to always pop up in metal articles based on their aesthetic. In my previous post Nitro guitarist Michael Angelo Batio is mentioned for his ‘expert taste’ in guitars; however his hair is pretty impressive also. I’m not sure it’s real… If it’s not I have a feeling the wig might just be made up of old guitar strings that he’s shredded to death! There’s nothing like a man who recycles!
Frontman Jim Gillette was actually married to Lita Ford for years and sang with Tuff, Slut, & Michael Angelo Batio’s own project … I wonder how many years it took to brush all that out…

I don’t come across too many blonde rockers these days, black hair seems to be pretty fashionable at the moment. Lets take a look at the blonde bombshells who made it happen, all that peroxide and tin foil surely contributed to the craziness with envisage when thinking of this decade of decadence. What a bunch of beauties! Strangely enough all of the blondies pictured are frontmen, perhaps their golden manes were the key to success?!

Finally, on to my favourites – the brunettes, those beautiful dark horses!
My favourite hair of the time was without a doubt John Corabi‘s; he managed to look purposefully disheveled with his curly layered locks – almost as though the hairdo was perfect before he got up to some naughty behaviour and we were seeing the aftermath… I love it!

Without going too crazy on the brunettes here are a few of my faves…

Honourable mention goes to my favourite man of almost every hour –  Mr George Lynch –  for his love of highlights. This man knows how to rock the “top deck” look at any length! Ha!

I’m going to end today’s episode by discussing one of my absolute pet hates – fucking bandanas!!!   OK, I get it, They WERE cool back in the day! Bret Michaels & Axl Rose looked great in theirs.
A scarf tied around your head or as a “snakebite” on a limb or pair of boots – it looked pretty bad ass.  But every time I see someone wearing one now I just cringe – they always seem to be charity bandanas or promo bandanas like the one you received with a “rock of love” DVD (I’ve seen a few of those) and they’re almost always worn by dudes who leave you wondering if there is actually any hair underneath?  They scream unoriginality & look like something from a costume shop. I can’t even. The funniest part for me is that everyone who i’ve met wearing oozes this terrible confidence of “fuck yeah i look good” while throwing devil horns & wearing badly applied eyeliner.


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