Hard Rockin · Hard Rockin Hair Daze

Hard Rockin Hair Daze: Episode 3

Girls, Girls, Girls! …Metal’s Leading Ladies!

Through the 80s & 90s there may have been a lot of dudes who looked like ladies…but what about the women who rocked the strip? And I mean really rocked, not just between the sheets!

Seemingly men have always dominated rock scenes, but when dedicated women get involved there are some seriously amazing outcomes. With the wonders of technology it’s amazing to be able to watch as current rock girls become rock women, in-turn influencing the rest of us! Guitar superstars like Nita Strauss (Iron Maidens/Alice Cooper), Orianthi (Michael Jackson/Alice Cooper) & up and coming online sensations such as Lexii Lynn Frazier, can you believe she is only 17?! I know we’ll be seeing more & more of her over the coming years! These amazing women prove that rock is here to stay and women are only making it stronger! We’re seeing huge influx of women who’ve got so much to say & seem to be bringing “it” harder than a lot of men! Modern rock front women such as Taylor of The Pretty Reckless & Priya of Diemonds are the epitome of old school hard rock (now) and it’s only getting bigger & better with so many more women stepping into the spotlight!

Gone are the days where we’re looked at as just groupies or a meal ticket. And so much respect is due to our mothers of rock who have carved the path and continue to do so! Sooooo who are some of these amazing women?

Let’s start with one gal who has continued to shred for the past 40 years – Lita Ford! Lita got her break in The Runaways before embarking on an illustrious solo career working with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne,  Nikki Sixx, Bumblefoot & most recently Ace Frehley! She has also appeared in movies, video games & reality TV for charity. With the help of her trusty BC Rich ‘Warlock’ Lita was & still is THE pin up girl of Heavy Metal well into her 50s!

Now, if you want it hard, heavy & dangerous look no further than BITCH! That’s right, the name says it all & Betsy Bitch always won in the hour of power! Although the line-up has featured a number of talented musicians Bitch are predominately an LA based heavy metal band. Believe it or not Betsy is now 59 & still tearing shreds off the competition, young & old!

The next band to be mentioned is an ALL woman powerhouse- Vixen! If you’ve seen The Decline Of Western Civilisation II you’ll recognise these broads! The band features Janet Gardner, Share Pedersen, Gina Stile & Roxy Petrucci. Vixen were huge in the LA scene, and toured the globe supporting bands like Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi, & Scorpions! Vixen have reunited a few times since the 90s and have proved that every one of them still has the chops to take charge on stage! Drummer Roxy Petrucci is also one half of the sister-act hard rockers Madam X. Although not active for years this act included Sebastian Bach of Skid Row prior to his own successes.

Honourable mentions go to the following beauties for being leaders for women in rock. Without them taking risks for us it would still be a rough one for the new age of women in rock.

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My last mention isn’t exactly rock n roll BUT I HAVE to add it in. Belinda Carlisle is rumoured to have hung out with a lot of the rock n rollers back in the day. This footage of her with Zodiac Mindwarp as her backing band has me in hysterics every time i watch! Cobalt Stargazer should have won an award for that ridiculous fake solo-ing alone! So SOOOOO good! 😛


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