Some Circles Are Meant To Be Broken

As a woman in my late 20s, living with 3 men aged between 30 & 50 it's only natural that we play childish games, right? Well"the circle game" as it is most commonly referred to, is a game I played in primary school, and until recently had forgotten all about. My 30yr old cousin recently came to live with us and somehow we've reverted back to about 12 years old - we've been playing the circle game all day, every day, and we've been playing it HA

Hard Rockin · Hard Rockin Hair Daze

Hard Rockin Hair Daze Episode 5: Circus Tricks on The Sunset Strip

It's easy to believe every LA band of the 80s probably had the same dilemma - "To assless chaps or not to assless chaps?"- a question that for most would need considerable thought, especially for the band member who drew the short straw! How many squats were you going to need to do? well, based on all the pics I've seen - none...ever! There's nothing like a skinny guy with long hair strutting around with his teeny tiny bottom on display.

Hard Rockin · Hard Rockin Hair Daze

Hard Rockin Hair Daze: Episode 4

If we haven't met you should probably know that hair is my thang! Just like the Johnny Cash song "You're My Baby"; it's long and black, hanging down the middle of my back! So no wonder rock & roll called me to it's ranks! As I'm sure you've already figured out this episode is about that glorious beast that adds ohhhhh so much personality to each & every one of us. Whether you're rockin the "Can I Speak To The Manager?" haircut or you've let it go wild & crazy we can all relate to how important our glorious locks are!