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Hard Rockin Hair Daze: Episode ONE

As some of you will already know I LOVE Hard Rock & Heavy Metal!
There are so many different sounds and styles that came together through the 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond which make up the image we all visualise when we read those words or hear the music! The sounds, the looks, the stories – Times in history that are so legendary and never to be repeated. Luckily for us these times weren’t so long ago that they could be forgotten, many of our heroes are still actively selling their souls to rock n roll and it’s totally for our benefit!

I had this grand scheme of writing one post that described the different fashions of each “style” within the huge family of  hard rockers, but in all honestly it’s going to be way too huge to keep anyone’s attention! So, what I’m going to do is create a few “episodes”, The first of which will talk about my favourite period – LA Sleaze and hair metal of the sunset strip. This little can of worms has so much packed into it that I wasn’t sure where to start.
I’ve been known to be a little sleazy in my time so let’s start with a genre that really “speaks to me” Ha!
I know I’m not going to be able to cover much of this beautiful beast but here goes…

Ep 1: Sleazy & Cheesy On The Sunset Strip!

When I think of LA a few of my favourite bands come to mind; Faster Pussycat, Warrant, LA Guns, & Love/Hate. These bands ooze sex appeal with their long hair, lipstick & tight jeans. It sounds like I’m referring to girls in  bands but these men were far from girly and against all odds they were able to swing punches on & off the stage.
It might be bold to refer to the LA scene as a modern punk movement, but it really was. Every aspect fought against the ‘norm’; music, fashion, sex and drugs – no stone was left unturned. The general public’s attraction to this scene was insanely strong which brought with it the positive aspect of variety; but essentially contributed to it’s ultimate demise with the over-saturation of cookie-cutter glam bands. Unfortunately there are so many under-rated bands from this era that didn’t get the attention they deserve. With anything, including music, people love nostalgia! This nostalgia draw card means some of our favourites and a few who got left behind now get to dust off their chaps, polish the cowboy boots & rock out once more.  The record industry (as they knew it) is dead but the passion these guys have & that handy tool ‘the Internet’ is keeping the music, the fashion & the dream alive.

Fashion really is a HUGE part of rock; this scene in particular. The clothing & hairstyles have now become iconic and despite their outrageousness they really were serious looks. There were so many different styles within groups that different bands were inadvertently  labelled under some of the following categories:


Motorcycle Rock


Dudes Who REALLY Look Like Ladies

Bubblegum Glam

AOR (Adult/Album Oriented Rock)

*Disclaimer: There are so many great bands that I just can’t fit them all in*

Like any artist these groups had so many influences from the past that molded their look and sound. These bands have left a such a huge impression on music today inspiring pop & rock bands all over the world.

The most beautiful thing about these trail blazers still being so young is that so many of them actively support new music in a seemingly dying industry through record labels, touring & teaching and there is a whole lot to be said for that.




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