Hard Rockin

Riff In Peace John Thomas!

This morning we woke to sad news at Licorice Pizza HQ!
As you’ve probably notice in previous posts Welsh rockers Budgie are one of our favourite bands to grace this galaxy!

Although not a founding member, John Thomas made his mark in Budgie’s career performing so many great songs with his own style from 1979 to 2002. He performed on “If I were Brittania I’d Waive The Rules” & wrote & recorded “Nightflight”, “Deliver Us From Evil” & “Power Supply”.
John was also close friends with the legendary Randy Rhoads, here’s hoping they’re hanging out right now talking guitars & shredding like never before! The heavens must be rockin’ right about now!

It’s so sad to know that as time passes so too will our legends of rock who we seemingly take for granted while they’re still breathing. I can only hope that his passing, at the young age of 63, shines a light on his legacy & Budgie – that they might get the wider recognition they so deserve!
My sympathies to all of those closely affected by his death.

Riff in Peace.




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