Hard Rockin

The Star-Man Vs The Bird-Man

I’m a huge fan of the Welsh band Budgie & was lucky enough to see them back in February 2008 here in Brisbane. At the time I had no idea who they were & only attended the gig to impress a dude (which worked incredibly well). After the gig I was lucky enough to meet the band who gave their fans so much attention & I was hooked! I’ve listened to them almost every week since!

Over the last 6 months I’ve had many conversations with friends (and random people) about who they prefer when it comes to Budgie & a band very similar in nature – RUSH! 
Rush have gained a lot more notoriety over the past few years with the release of their documentary ” beyond the lighted stage”, which is a great watch!
I don’t normally like comparing bands to each other because every band has it’s own qualities BUT the strange thing about these two bands is that both have 3 members, their singers play bass, have peculiarly high voices & strange names! Coincidence…? Perhaps they’re both from the same planet – here to teach the world a thing or two about rock?!

Now don’t get me wrong, I do like some RUSH, but i find myself skipping past a lot of their songs when my iPod is on shuffle. For me nothing beats the heavy riffage of Budgie & I’m wondering how you all feel?

TAKE THE POLL  – StarMan Vs BirdMan

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