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Adventures Through Time & Space With Horisont!

I’m a huge fan of science fiction art & rock n roll. So, when the two combine my mind is happily taken to a magical land far far away!

While I was in Hollywood recently I took a trip to Amoeba Records (as you do) to find ‘black gold’ (not vegemite) & a copy of the album I am about to squirt over in words. I had only heard a few songs online & knew it was something I needed to own. When I got home to Australia 2 weeks later I wasn’t ready for what this plastic wrapped box truly contained…Had i known while I was travelling i’m almost certain it would have burnt a hole in my suitcase and flown around the room until I could turn it up and play it on repeat!

                                                         Horisont ‘Odyssey’ (2015)

As if this album wasn’t amazing enough to listen to with it’s 70s/80s science fiction movie score, space rock sounds, heavy riffs & Justin Hawkins-esque vocals; the artwork stands on it’s own as a journey through space & time.
It’s been a long time since I picked up an album with so much thought put into it not only through it’s sonic adventure but also visually.
The front cover features amazing artwork by Henrik Jacobsen while the back shows the band in all their ‘space robe’/’masonic astronaut’ glory. The disc itself is the face of “a distant shepherds moon” and the liner notes – where do i even begin?! The liner notes are drawn like a 2000ad comic strip & tell the story of the title track “odyssey”, from here the true adventure begins though the songs and of course your imagination.
These guys are truly pushing the envelope in modern rock while paying tribute to so many creative geniuses before them.

For me this is ‘The Album of 2015’ and i’m even more stoked to find out an Australian is involved! Former Church of Misery guitarist Tom Sutton from Adelaide adds some of his own flavour to an already outstanding creative force!

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